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Here is my very first blog for my new site with a quick personal introduction about some of my experiences, background, and history.

I was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which is a very long way away from where I am located now!! Currently, I am based in Los Angeles, California, USA. That’s about 7940 miles, or 12,778 kilometers or a 15-hour direct flight from my family!!

When I was about 12, we moved to Hong Kong. I didn’t last long in their school system as it was a really bad age to make the transition. After 12 months, I demanded to go to a boarding school back in Australia. For the next few years, I traveled back and forth during school breaks. During these years, we did a lot of traveling as a family.

Long story short, I became very independent at a very young age.

I had my first child when I was 23 and ended up a single parent when he was just 8 months old. He was easy going and a real delight (initially anyway, but not so much now, well not in a bad way, just challenging at times). I’m sure you’ll read more about that in future posts about struggling with teenagers.

I have a graphic design background; I have owned and managed my own Juice and Ice-cream bar, which was developed into a franchise company. After running the shop for a few years (still a single parent), I decided to return to study to complete my education and get that Bachelor degree that I needed to further my adventure. My plan consisted of coming to America on a work visa. It was a few years of planning and executing that finally made that plan a reality.

I believe that life is an adventure and we make it what we want. My life already consisted of so many adventures and I wanted my son to have some too. I made an effort to travel a little bit with him before we made the big move, as I had experienced traveling when I was young.

I am a planner and a doer, and eager researcher. I am so determined to get what I set out to achieve even if my plans are a few years in the making. First I had to get that diploma (as part of the rules of the visa). Once completing my diploma, I had to work to save enough to support my goal. Then I had to execute my plan. I’m happy to report, all the effort has paid off…big time!!

I have now been very happily living in California, USA for the past 6 years. Even better still…I met and married Anthony, the “man of my dreams”. We have been blessed to have three children together… Fox (who is almost 3), Jet, (who is almost 2) and Sky (who is only 3 months old), also add to the picture my now 18-year-old son and Anthony’s 10-year-old son. Not quite The Brady Bunch, but close to it. Yes, we have all been very busy!! And we never do things by half!!

We both strive to continually educate ourselves, as education is the key and in this tech savvy world and it’s easy to get left behind.

Throughout my blog, I will be covering topics such as “FAMILY LIFE”, managing “MONEY” and how this can and will benefit you and your family. Or, at least give you some great ideas to put into practice if it suits your circumstances. I’m also going to cover my favorite topic…”TRAVEL”…, because, who doesn’t like traveling and exploring? Just because we have a bunch of kids doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy getting away. Next month we have a camping trip booked for mother’s day weekend and the following week a three-day trip to Disneyland.

So sign up for our blog notifications so you don’t miss out on our May getaways. You may learn some tips and tricks about traveling with children. We will also be including any great “PRODUCTS” we find and any “TECHNOLOGY” that might be worth looking into.


Above all, I want our blog to add value to your life.

(Mostly) Chloe & (Sometimes) Anthony.

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