What Are Sponsored Social Posts?

Social Media amplifies companies’ brands giving them a channel for the distribution of their promotional content. And better than that they can use you to help them reach even further.

Companies pay to promote their products or services through your own social media accounts. This is why it is important to grow your social media presence. The larger your following, the more impact and therefore more money you can make. This is now becoming a more prevalent source of income for bloggers.

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In recent times Sponsoring, Social Post has been redefining word-of-mouth marketing and what it can do for companies. This type of marketing is a combination of Native, Content and Influencer Marketing and is on the rise.

We have, by being so socially forward through multiple apps, created a way for companies to:

1) not only connect with their target audiences but also

2) for consumers and influencers to form a business relationship where compensation is provided from creating and sharing brand-sponsored content with our own online followings.

Social media was at one time considered a low-cost way to engage with potential customers. But as Social Media quickly grew as an advertising channel, so did the costs of social marketing. Influencer marketing has now become the hot new tactic for advertising and engaging with a target audience. Influential social media users have been known to generate high-quality leads, high conversions, and brand awareness.

Social media influencers have become essential for marketing campaigns.  Instagram and YouTube have been game changers within the last year when it comes to social media influence, with their rankings increasing significantly since the prior year in the number of users, visitors and a growing influencer community, Facebook remains the number one ranked social media by almost double.

The 2017 Top Most Popular Social Media Forums ranked in monthly visitors.

The payments for sponsored posts varies greatly, based on the following: experience and niche, with the average price per post around $300. Influencers with more than 100,000 followers have the ability to earn up to $800 per post.

When you’re starting out, you have to start somewhere, so it’s a good idea to get social posting started, build your audience, growing your followers, communicate within these social realms. Comment and interact with brands you like. Know your stuff so you can become influential within your niche.

Get your name out there, get your word out there.

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