What Are No-Follow Links?

I was really confused about this initially, so I wanted to write about it to hopefully allow others new to the blogging world to really understand what is going on with Follow V’s No Follow links.

To explain this, we need to take a step back and look at how links work when it comes to SEO. An inbound link or a hyperlink is a link pointing to a page, which gets that page an SEO boost. The more links you have, the higher SEO ranking you will get.

Google takes note of how many inbound links your page has and from which sites. If there are a lot of links to a certain page, Google will give search engine preference to that page.

Google uses a Page Rank system to calculate the link points which rank your pages. The more reputable and popular a site is, the more valuable the linked points will be for you, and the more traffic you will generate.

Follow Link

Basically, a Follow link is a link that counts as points, that will boost the page ranking of the site it is linked to.

Nofollow Link

A Nofollow link does not allow search engines to follow that link. Which means the link back with nofollow attributes, does not rank or calculate into points. It does not mean that you can’t click on the link to follow it. You will still be able to follow the links.

An example of a  Nofollow Link:

<a href=”http://www.grapevinemom.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Grapevine Mom</a>

No-follow links

When to use Nofollow Links

Nofollow links primarily work for:

  • Paid links
  • Sponsorship
  • Comments
  • Forums

Nofollow links still provide valuable referral traffic and can still send a large amount of traffic to your site.

Nofollow links potentially stop SEO spammers from posting irrelevant links to blogs as they know they won’t get to publish a follow link. It won’t wipe spammers out completely but will definitely slow them down.

If you concentrate on creating quality original content, you will get shared and liked and linked organically. Guest blogging within your niche will build referral traffic and in turn get your SEO boosted.

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