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Today we ventured out to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, California. I had heard and read that they house farm animals and have fruit and vegetable picking, but it was so much more than that. I really wouldn’t call it a true farm experience, as we didn’t get up at 4 am to milk any cows, but it was so much more than what I expected.

The grounds are a mix of lush green grass, large shady trees on a few small rolling hills with fun playground equipment, tractor slides and rides, several activities, and games. Some rides and activities require the purchase of tickets, but the entry fee and ride tickets are reasonably priced, especially during the week.

Underwood Farm Train

The farm animals include donkeys, sheep, goats (which have the most amazing goat run), chickens, ducks, birds, rabbits (including the biggest one I have ever seen), cows, pigs, horses, emus, and alpacas. The boys were able to enter into a petting part of the farm to get up close with some sheep, ducks and a goat for four tickets each, and they also enjoyed a pony ride for 5 tickets each.

Underwood Farm Ponies

You can bring your own food and have a picnic lunch while enjoying the play spaces and animals. Make sure you don’t feed the animals any food you bought for own consumption. But if you bring some quarters, you’ll be able to use the coin operated feed dispensing machines and you can buy some carrots at the entrance.

Underwood Farm Tractor

It is a fully operational working farm. They provide a number of pull-wagons which you are free to use to wheel not only the kids around the farm in but also to use in the field for collecting the produce you pick. We didn’t pick any fruit or vegetables this time, but we did grab a pull-wagon for the kids which they loved.

Underwood Family Farms updates their pick your own list on a weekly basis. The following products are available to pick this week:

Arugula – $1.99/lb
Basil – $7.99/lb
Beans – Blue Lake – $1.49/lb
Beans – Scarlet Runner – $1.49/lb
Beans – Yellow Wax – $1.49/lb
Beets – $.79/lb
Blackberries – $2.99/lb
Carrots – $.79/lb
Cilantro – $1.99/lb
Cucumbers – $.79/lb
Cucumber – Pickle – $1.29/lb
Eggplant – $1.99/lb
Herbs – Pickling Dill – $7.99/lb
Kohlrabi – $.79/lb
Lemons – $.49/lb
Lettuce – $1.29/ea
Okra – $1.99/lb
Parsley – $1.99/lb
Passion Fruit – $3.99/lb
Peas – Blackeye – $1.29/lb
Peppers – Hot Chilli – $2.99/lb
Pepper – Mild Bell – $1.99/lb
Peppers – Mild Chilli – $1.99/lb
Peppers – Sweet Bell – $2.49/lb
Raspberries – $3.99/lb
Strawberries – $1.99/lb
Squash Flowers – $7.99/lb
Squash & Zucchini  – $0.99.lb Regular / $2.49.lb Baby
Baby Tomatoes – $1.99/lb
Celebrity Tomatoes – $1.49/lb
Heirloom Tomatoes – $2.49/lb
Green Tomatoes – $1.99/lb
Verdologa – $1.99/lb

Most of the picked items are priced by the pound. As well, you can pick up the same field-fresh produce provided for sale in the market area, (so you don’t have to pick your own if it’s not your thing or you’re just not up to it). You can also purchase jarred products, honey, nuts, fresh eggs, snacks, cold drinks, and flowers.

Underwood Family Farms Family Fun

They also host Easter on the Farm. The Fall Harvest Festival is open every day in October and they have Christmas on the Farm in December!

General Admission (ages 2 and up) is $3.00 Monday-Friday & $6.00 on the weekends. Prices vary based on season and holidays, so check online before you go. You can pay cash or card. The process and system are easy to use.

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