To My Fellow Mompreneurs Follow My Road To Success

A week ago I launched my new blog with only 10 posts because my beautiful children (three under three) slowed my progress (I wanted have 20 posts ready, but had to settle for 10). Building this blog is, by all means, going to be a long process and I’m dedicated and in this for the long haul.

I’ve decided to share my first week with you so you can follow along, share your experiences and watch as I grow by blog, hopefully, you can use the same techniques to grow your businesses too. That’s my challenge to you.

We all know that growing a business is about reaching an audience/potential clients. This week I created a Facebook Page for my blog, requested that my friends like my page and also that members of one Facebook Group I’m following also Like/Follow my page.

In this first week, I have really only focused on FB numbers. I have not paid for any self-promotion. I purchase hosting through SiteGround and got a free domain name for the first year. I then created my WordPress website (which I still have a lot of work to do on it, but that’s a work in progress).

Here are my Facebook figures for the first week.

I posted this video and it has had more success than any of the posts.

So what’s next? I’m going to continue to focus on getting more Facebook follower and views this week and the way I’m going to do it (for free) is by getting and promoting myself in front of a large highly targeted audiences in Facebook Groups, ones that are specifically for this purpose and narrowed down to fellow mom’s in business. I will post my success from this but I also invite you mommy’s in business out there to take these steps to.

The aim of joining fellow Mompreneurs Facebook group is to:

1. Learn
2. Get support
3. Network
4. Help others
5. Share

Here are a few of the groups that I have found and please feel free to share any others you find in the comments below.

Before requesting to join, make sure you read the rule of the group in the right panel of the group’s page.








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  1. Bev Thoms says:

    Really love your concept and the stories of your real life challenges. You have great ideas. Well done. I will be looking forward to all your posts. XXX

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