Summer Days At Home With The Kids

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Currently we live in a complex of townhouses with a small concrete courtyard. We have been here for almost 3 years, so our little ones haven’t known anything else. We are however, planning to hopefully be out of here and in our own house before the end of the year. In the meantime, we have to make this work for our kids.

As summer is approaching, we are getting occasional reminders of how hot the summer days get in The Valley. It’s a reminder that park visits need to be completed early in the day before the swings, slides, and sand get burning hot. There are always the indoor play centers, or a trip to the mall, but they cost money, and we are trying not to spend too much money this summer.

We have decked our tiny courtyard to make it as play friendly as possible. Firstly we covered up the bulk of the concrete with outdoor carpet, which can be easily swept when it gets dirty. Put up a gazebo to protect the kids from the sun, added some really cute and very effective outdoor lights (which I totally love). Invested in a kid’s enclosed trampoline and we have a small cubby with a slide that was a Christmas gift from grandpa in the Christmas of 2015. Picked up a couple of cars and kids chairs and a basketball hoop. So the kids are pretty much set. We also recently replaced our larger outdoor table for a smaller one and moved the excess chairs into storage, and added an umbrella over the table. Now we can all sit, play or work out there in style.


We have created a private little courtyard oasis. One that can’t be seen from the outside of the property, so that our two boys can play uninterrupted.

Here is a list of items we have collected in recent times to make our courtyard experience a pleasant one:

We are ready for some summer fun in our courtyard. Hopefully, if you have a small space with kids, you can also set up a kids paradise for some summertime fun on a budget.

Let’s cut up the watermelon, and fire up the BBQ because summertime is meant to be enjoyed outdoors.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Great ideas! I love these so much. We just moved from a house to an apartment so I might do something like this. Thank you

    1. GrapevineMom says:

      Good luck. It’s tough when you don’t have the space but still need the toys, especially if your down sizing.

  2. Bev Thoms says:

    Well done Chloe, it’s great that the kids don’t miss out on being able to play happily in a small place. You have worked things well.

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