5 Tips To Revitalize Your Social Strategy

There’s plenty of information and advice around on how to boost your social media marketing. Though, if not visited often, it’s not uncommon for your marketing strategy to become stagnant. Initially, you may notice positive results after your initial campaign, only for it to slow down or die off.

Here are 5 solutions that will help you to revitalize your social media marketing strategy. Don’t scrap your current campaign or strategy. You won’t need to start over. Just implement or take into consideration the following steps.

Becoming More Social on Social Media

It’s easy to use a methodical and mechanical approach when it comes to marketing. Have you got a schedule that you stick to? You’re consistent and reliable, however, you need to keep in mind that you need to be personable when sharing content on your social media.

Social Sharing

Switch up your phrasing and wording so that you’re not making every post sound the same. If you’re introducing curated content, don’t use a default message. Get creative and come up with something original.

It’s so important to be more social by interacting with your followers. Look to generate interest and connect by asking a question or encouraging feedback from them. Don’t forget to thank them for their input and get a conversation happening. This will make you and your brand feel more approachable.

Make What You Care About Known 

You’ll want to try to humanize your brand, so if there is a cause that you care about that is in line with your brand or blog, let people know. Rather than trying to promote a cause for marketing appeal, make sure it’s on par with everything you stand for. Show the person behind the brand.

Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video has really added value in recent times. People like watching videos. This is especially the case with the increase in smartphone and mobile device usage. When on the go, it’s easier to watch or even listen to a video than read an article. So, if you want to get noticed, record more videos. You don’t need professional cameras or super editing skills, just grab your mobile device if you don’t have anything else. You don’t even really need a camera, there are other options like slideshows or presentations and more.

If you can’t think of content for your videos, look through your recent and most popular blog posts. It shouldn’t be too difficult to convert these posts into individual videos. Rewrite content into a script and record your voice. Add this to a slideshow or presentation and post it to social media, or post a live Facebook video from your phone.

Become a Go-To or Resource of Curated Content in Your Niche

Focus on curated content within your niche. Around 80% of the content that you share socially should come from other sources. This shows your followers that you care and that you’re researching. It will help build a relationship with your followers.

Sharing curated content allows for a continuous flow of content. If you’re only relying on your own original content, it’s much harder to post something new every day of the work week and concentrate on all other aspects.

Browse through the top news sites to find what is applicable in your niche market or industry. Using multiple sources to find beneficial content that you and your followers will appreciate. This should take up a large portion of your social media marketing.

Listen to What Your Followers Are Saying

The last tip to revitalize your social media marketing is to listen. Actively listen to what your followers are saying. Take into consideration and learn from their comments. You can gain insight into the type of content that they enjoy and that is in demand based on how they react and what they share.

If you’re not getting any response, then you need to consider that you’re not sharing the right content. Or, that you’re not actively engaging your audience. If you’re not seeing expected results review your content, add more curated content, talk to your followers. If you’re not getting input, then you may possibly need to rethink your market.

5 TIPS TO Revitalize your social strategy


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