My Husband’s Best Friends Wedding

My husband’s best friend got married last weekend, July 1st, 2017, in Manhattan Beach, California. This was the first time I have left my baby girl, who is about to turn the big 6 months in a few days.

I had a babysitter come several times in the weeks leading up to the wedding so we could try to get little miss mommy’s girl used to another, who by the way is similar height, similar hair, definitely a lot lighter and younger than me, but similar none the less. Guess what… it worked. Baby girl, although not fully comfortable, allowed the babysitter to hold her for most of the night without crying. Yay. Success. I feel like we accomplished something huge here. Although when I was at the wedding, all I wanted, was to be with my little girl.

This day was one of the very few “spoil me” days. Normally I don’t and won’t spend the money on myself. But hell, we had already spent more that double on this wedding than our own, yes that’s right, more than double.

I booked an appointment at DRYBAR, no cuts, no colors, just blowouts (including a wash) at 8 am. Mind you my day had already started at 5.30am. It was a wonderful experience. I got to relax without the kids for an hour and a half, and even though I came out with my hair curled and pinned up (looking like a mafia wife, as my husband explained), it was well worth the $45 and my hair looked fantastic when I finally unpinned it, just before I left.

Next was makeup. I quickly raced home to feed my baby girl and put her to bed. Then continued on my pampering journey. I arrived at the Mall just before 10 am with hair pinned looking like a freak (but not as freakish as the girl that left DRYBAR with a specific hairdo for ComicCon or some such event). Anyway, I snuck into a makeup place and had my natural makeup applied, which still looked over the top for me, as I don’t usually wear any makeup at all.

I then headed home, so my husband who was Best Man could stop past Men’s Warehouse to pick up the correctly sized suit, as they switched out his specifically measured size for a size smaller, for no specific or understandable reason. Just lucky he tried it on beforehand and they had time to get the correctly sized one in. I’m thinking maybe some of the staff might have been sabotaging one another by switching suit sizes???

He left to get to the wedding early, as he was part of the wedding party.I stayed home until our babysitter arrived and caught a LIFT, which was a wonderful experience. Made better by the fact that the 101 and 405 freeways which are normally jam packed and severely congested, were completely open, which allowed me to arrive on time.

The venue was a few blocks from the beach, but very pretty and appropriate, for this smaller intimate wedding. The drinks were good, the Hors d’Oeuvres spectacular and the main course, just spot on. My husband who doesn’t like public speaking, gave the best speech of the night. It was well thought out, well written and very nicely spoken. He wouldn’t let me look at it before we left, so I was proud and pleasantly surprised. Even though he touched on a taboo topic in his speech it was well received and appropriate this time.

All in all, it was a successful day and an even more enjoyable evening. So how’d it cost more that our own wedding, you ask? Well, there was the Bachelor Party in Vegas, so rooms and flights, drinks, clubs, restaurants. Then there was the suit hire, which cost more than double what a tux cost for our son’s graduation. The bridal shower gift, the wedding gift, hair, makeup, Lift rides, dress, shoes, and accessories etc.

We got married at a courthouse and the had our wedding at the beach. We picked a beach and carried tables, chairs, food, drink, and some tents for shade. We carried that stuff down and back up a million stairs on a cliff front at a beach in Malibu. Our friend did a celebrant’s course online and married us in her bikinis, and all our friends joined us at the beach. It cost less than $500 and was a beautiful fun day.

Our beach wedding…

Malibu Beach Wedding

Our Beach Wedding

Malibu Beach

Beach Wedding Location

Beach Wedding Sunset

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  1. Bev Thoms says:

    You looked beautiful at your own wedding Chloe and I imagine you looked the same at your friends wedding, as your friends would have looked also. It doesn’t matter how much things cost if you have a great time and feel good about yourself. GO FOR IT.

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