5 Lead Generation Tips

A vitally important part of a digital marketing strategy is lead generation. Emails generate sales, foster public relations, and give you a place and the means to talk to your customers. A list of leads for these emails is a must. If you haven’t got a list of leads, people don’t get your emails.

It’s tough as more and more people are not opting into email lists, making it much harder to generate your leads and leaving your lead list flat and your email delivery stagnant. Getting new leads can be difficult, but it is a must, to grow your following and generate more income.

So how do you entice people to join your email list? They are more likely to fill out a form and pass on their information to you if they are in turn getting something of genuine value. It’s about offering value that will convert, and initially, this may be trial and error, so keep at it and don’t give up. Here are a few creative ways to capture leads that convert.

Success stories

Providing success stories has proven to be valuable as others want to know how to get that success too. Maybe you’ve had some success, something you can document, or someone in your industry that you admire, or from thought leaders in your industry. Reach out to them and interview them. Turn that interview into a webinar, podcast, or articles.

A conversation with someone within your industry about how they became successful is a compelling and a valuable piece of content. Lead lock the information when you share this content. People who are interested and really want to see the content will pass on their email information in exchange for advice from a thought leader.

Make videos

Making videos especially ‘help’ videos is another great way to capture leads. Video is very fast becoming one of the top contenders in getting your information out there. Using video is very compelling, and an easy way to start out is by taking a problem that you have seen a large number of people have or answering a question that you’ve forseen your target audience having, such as “how do I create a Facebook page”.

Lead Generation Tips

Not only do these videos provide useful information for your clients, they can also help you gather new customers and clients by helping them solve their problem(s).

A great way to display help videos, is to create an education center page on your website to display all of your help videos. Have people provide their email address to sign-up and use the free education center. This could generate you valuable leads.

Quiz trend

Use the current quiz trend to your advantage and grow your list. Quizzes are huge right now throughout social media, display ads etc.

Well created quizzes are a great lead generation driver. People love learning what their rapper name is, or which celebrity they look like the most. Try to generate a quiz on social media for some new engagement and to boost traffic to your page.

Share whats working for you

Have some things you are doing and have been working really well for you? Talk about it! Write about it!

Host a webinar, blog or whitepaper. People want to know what works for others, so they can get in on it, follow it, follow what you are doing, get in on the information that is currently working and try your techniques out for themselves.

The more information you provide, the more helpful you are, the more interest you generate will all, in turn, help you become an authority in your area of expertise. Consider using this as lead generation ads on Facebook and test the response.


Giveaways are one of the easiest and best ways to gather leads. When you create a great giveaway, people will happily give you their email address for a chance to win.

Keep in mind when advertising your giveaway, that the leads you want are leads that have interest in your niche, services or products as your wanting to target these leads. Some people who enter the giveaway may have little to no interest in your offerings and won’t end up being good leads.

Use social media to promote the giveaway. It is a great lead generation tool and can draw tons of leads in a short amount of time.

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