Increase Conversions On Your Landing Page

Getting traffic to your landing pages is essential. Landing pages should already be a very important part of your marketing strategy. It’s not only about getting people to your landing pages but also converting them. If you’re getting traffic, but not sales, or completed forms etc., then you’ll need to learn how to increase conversions on your landing page.

Be Consistent

The first step for increasing conversions is to make sure that you are consistent. This means that you need to have a consistent message and also, your content remains consistent. Always double check any details that you include in the landing page.

Make sure your stats are consistent and correct. For instance, if you mention at the top of the landing page that the program your selling has helped 2,000 customers and then reference that it’s helped 3,000 customers in your call to action, you will miss out on sales. Consumers are smart. They will notice small inconsistencies.

Remain consistent with the tone and style of your content too. Make sure that it flows in a natural way.

Narrow Your Focus

Each individual landing page should have one a single focus. They need to have one, clear message. Stay away from trying to promote multiple products within one landing page. Instead, focus on one single item that you want to promote. Otherwise, it becomes too confusing which very quickly leads to exits from your page.

You’ll have the opportunity to use cross-selling techniques further down your sales funnel or within your email marketing plan. But your landing pages should solely focus on the topic of your PPC ad campaign.

Don’t distract from your main message. Get rid of any content on your landing page that is distracting, including images and additional forms.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a technique used by successful internet marketers. It encourages visitors to take action NOW, instead of moving on, losing or forgetting about your landing page.

This urgency doesn’t have to directly impact your sales copy. You can however create a sense of urgency with your call to actions and headlines.

An example of this is the offer which is only available for a limited time. Or, only available to a limited the number of customers.

Add Credibility to Your Claims

Back up your claims. When you make claims, like stating your program figures or achievable results, you need to back up the claims with confirmation. This comes in the form of customer testimonials or social stat proof.

You can include testimonials or social proof directly on your landing page. A typical landing page usually starts with presenting a problem or issue. Something that you’ll solve. You can then describe the advantages of your product or service. Then, comes the testimonials, followed by details of your products or services.

Encourage consumers to give you feedback, and mention that their comments may be used in promotional material. This will help you create a few testimonials to use on your landing pages.

Test Subtle Variations

The final suggestion for increasing your conversion rates on your landing pages is to test variations. Including different headlines, calls to action, and your sales copy. You should keep it to one change at a time.

Testing these small variations is called A/B split testing. Here you create two versions of the same landing page, with only one difference between the two pages. Monitor which one performs better and use this to improve your ability to create effective landing pages.

These tips can help you tweak and better your landing pages to increase conversions.

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