Returning To The Gym After Baby

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Finally… I’ve been waiting six months to get back to the gym. Well six months since the baby was born, as the kiddy Care is for six months – 12 year olds.

The boys love it there. Because it’s a new gym, the facilities are nice and new, the games modern and fun. I’ve been three times just recently and only stayed for a short time to help the baby adjust to the new surroundings. Then I come back to two boys who are not done playing and want me to go away. This is great and I love it. As she settles in, I’ll be able to put a good hour to two hours in.

It will give me the break I need from the kids, get them out of the house and although I’m not going to be able to catch up on any sleep, exercise is the next best thing. Right?

According to, regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve mental health, help with depression, anxiety, relieving stress, improving memory, helping you sleep better, and boosting your overall mood.

I might even give some classes a go. I’ve never really been into group classes, as running has always been my thing. But I’m so out of shape and just getting over a back issue, that slow and steady is going to have to be it for me now.


To help with my new journey, we just purchased a new Magic Bullet (our old one started smoking a few months ago, so we put that one to bed). We purchased some Weight Gurus Smart Digital Scales, which sync to our phones and app. Although I’m not ready to stand on them yet.


We also downloaded the MyFitnessPal App. The free app is seriously amazing, once you work out how to use it. It even has a scan function and you can scan in almost every food or drink product you eat. Monitoring your intake has proven to be the most effective way to change habits, eat right and lose weight. I’m always great at starting these things, but following through, in the long run, is much harder.


Nothing helps me more than listening to music especially when I’m running or working out, it distracts me from monitoring time, it ups my effort levels especially if a good song comes on, the beat really helps me keep a steady pace and generally, overall it helps me feel good and push myself. When I am not listening to music, my workout is more difficult and I don’t tend to push myself. Right now I have Sirius XM satellite radio which gives me the ability to stream on my phone or computer and I’m really enjoying that. Earphones also make a huge difference and they are relatively inexpensive these days. For me wireless earphones have proven to be amazing, the sound great and the fact you’re not attached by a cord to your phone is so much more comfortable with these Bluetooth 4.1 Earphones Sports Headphone with Microphone & Stereo with Magnet Attraction.

Smart Watches

I was looking into Fitbit options. I wanted something that ultimately could read heart rate and monitor speed and distance. Ultimately we decided on the Apple Watch. Which is far beyond any Fitbit capabilities. Of course, you need an iPhone or it wouldn’t be a good choice.

Anyway, I was doing great my first week, planning on going every day, until Thursday, when my 2-year-old became sick with a high fever and ear infection. So now I have to wait until he recovers enough to go back.  Oh well, I guess there’s always next week.

Back to the gym after baby


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