How to Monetize Your Blog

So you’re interested in starting or have already started a blog to make money? There are several ways in which bloggers make money. In this post I will list some of the top ways your fellow bloggers make money:

I will explain in more depth each method, just click on the link to get more details.

Sponsored Posts

In a nutshell, sponsored posts are posts that you get paid to write to promote a company or their products or services.

Many bloggers start out reviewing products related to their niche, making no money from their reviews. So why not get paid for them? To get pay for writing a review, either the blogger needs to go through Sponsored Post Companies who work as the middleman, reach out to a potential client who might be interested in having you write a review, or the sponsor will reach out to you directly, asking to review a product in a sponsored post. The later scenario is less likely to occur unless you have made a name for yourself in your niche.

Once you have your site completed, the easiest way to begin monetizing your blog is, to start out with sponsored content. There are sites you can sign up with that specialize in working with bloggers to get sponsors. They act as a liaison between brands and bloggers. You will get approached with various campaigns with information about what they would like you to write about and what they are offering to pay.

As a new blogger, you can expect that sponsored blog posts could pay anywhere from $100 to $250. The sponsors you’re writing for will get to have a say as to what the final post will be. Payment usually comes after the completion of the campaign or based on your agreement. The more established you become and the larger following you have, allows you to get paid $1,000+ per blog post.

Of course, there are pros and cons of sponsored posts. But if you conduct yourself in a professional manner, throughout your blog, your correspondence, and your writing, you could have the potential to make significant amounts of money from writing these posts.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income is when you get paid by companies to sell their products or services. Once you sign up for an affiliate program, you’re provided with “affiliate links” which you can display on your website, through social media etc. Your affiliate link will be a unique link generated for you, which will be linked to your account. If a visitor or customer visits your site and clicks that link, and purchases the product or service, the sale will register to your account and you will then be paid a commission based on the company’s terms, agreements and rules.

Some bloggers are known to be making up to $100,000/month on affiliate income alone. By all means, you should be signing up for affiliate accounts and including links to product or services that you feel best suit your target market, or that work well for you. If you love the product or service yourself, let people know and provide them with a way to get the product. You can continue to build up your blog by providing reviews on products you like and generate some income at the same time.

Sponsored Social Posts

Is where a company will pay you to promote their products or services on your various social media accounts. This is why it is important to continue to be current and have a presence within the major social spaces. The bigger your social media following, the more potential you have for making money. This type of monetizing has grown substantially as influences in the social realm have the potential to reach hundreds of thousand of potential clients.

Social media provides opportunities for companies to reach millions of consumers. More and more consumers spend hours each day watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Instagram, and reading blog posts. As social media audiences are confronted with an increasing amount of content collaborating with social media influencers is now one of the most effective ways for companies to reach much further.

Content Creation for Other Sites

As soon as you can establish yourself as a blogger that writes or produces quality content, you will find that companies will be willing to pay you to reproduce what you’re doing and create content for their sites. Again you can approach companies, or if you are established and have made a bit of a splash or name for yourself, then some companies may seek you out. Either way, this can generate a significant income. It’s not only written content that we are speaking of, video is generating great traction. Whatever you are producing,  just make sure that you are always producing quality content.

There are of course a number of other ways to generate income, some of these include:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create & Sell Your Own Digital Product
  • Sell Advertising Space on your website
  • Sell Services
  • Have a Membership-Based Site
  • Host Webinars To Sell Something
  • Write Tutorials To Promote Something
  • Publish A Book
  • Offer Live Training and Workshops

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