Facebook Posting: What’s The Ideal Time To Post?

Facebook has in recent years started to be a thriving tool for digital marketers. As with other social media applications, it was thought that there are ideal posting times for the different platforms. But when you look into the data digital marketing  consulting companies suggested all different times of the day and days of the week that they designated as the “ideal posting time.”

These were based on what they believed to be the times when your Facebook posts would be seen and when the most people would engage with your content. It didn’t take long for Facebook to work out that people were trying to figure out their algorithm. But their algorithms change from time to time, so there is no perfect way to work this out. The truth is, there is no one ideal time to post on Facebook. At least, there is no one universal best time to post on Facebook.

It does take some time and thought, but you should be able to determine a time right for you. You’ll have to work out when the better times are for your brand specifically to post on Facebook. Working out the Facebook algorithm changes from brand to brand and there are a few ways you can do that.

Here are 3 tips to help you figure out the best time for your company to post on Facebook.

Facebook Posting: What's The Idea Time To Post?

1. Look into the data

Specifically, you need to take a look at your own data. Have you had a good look into Facebook Insights. You should make some time to do research and have a good look into your insights. Facebook has developed tools which are readily available to you to make Facebook’s data work for you.

Facebook Insights gives you access to information such as your audience demographic, the engagement of each of your posts, and even provides the day and time of day your posts performed better.

To improve your chances, combine this information and cross-reference it with another application if you use one. Chances are that platform has its own data extraction with valuable information. Check that data with the Facebook data and you will be able to determine more realistic ideal posting times for your brand.

2. When it is relevant

Relevancy is powerful when it comes to optimal Facebook posting, although it is less scientific than data, it’s no less important. Don’t be hesitant to embrace an in the moment post if it’s relevant. If something big happens, a significant world event or craze, be the first brand to post about it creatively.

Posting when it’s relevant means you always need to be up to date with what’s going on in the world. Moving fast and efficiently is of the utmost importance when writing relevant posts. You’ll want to be ahead of the game, and posting about it before everyone else.

Remember to keep it within your niche when it comes to posting. You know your audience and they most likely formed an expectation from what they receive from your posts. Keep in line with what you know and relevancy postings will work for you.

Content VS Timing

At the end of the day, businesses’ success with Facebook is due to their great content and not because they had the best timing. Content is key in this landscape. Bottom line…if you want success on Facebook, produce great content.

While timing does have an impact on the performance of your Facebook content, it’s your content that has the most impact. If you want your Facebook content to perform, get creative and produce great stuff. You’ll start to see the results you want through some research and trial and error.




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