Creating “Viral” Content

One of the biggest rewards you can hope for as a digital marketer is that your content goes “viral.”

Viral is the social media term that is widely used and it’s also abused, as the principle behind viral is much simpler than what you might think.

When something does “go viral”, what it really means is that it spreads and grows like wildfire without paid support. For instance, a company posts a funny video about their product on Facebook that creatively used their products, could end up going viral which could see a boost in online traffic and potential sales.

For content to “go viral,” it needs to be playable, clickable, and shareable. If someone is drawn to your content, watches it, and likes it enough to share it throughout their social media forums, and the next person does the same, then it has a potential to go viral. It’s the shareability where many marketers miss the mark. Here are some pointers that can help your content become more shareable and potentially to go viral.

Personal Attributes

To encourage sharing, you need to come up with an ad concept that is in line with your target audience’s personal attributes. People normally respond better to ads that they connect with, that’s in line with their personal attributes. When we feel more connected to an ad, we are more likely to have it resonate with us and share it within our social networks.

Tribe Mentality

We all like to feel like we are a part of something. Tribe mentality is a very strong motivator to take action. Companies such as Apple have used this strategy and taken great advantage of this tribe mentality. Their technique made people feel like they needed an iPhone or iPad, and it worked to Apple’s advantage.

Create your content to tap into the tribe mentality of a certain group. This can include interests, political affiliation, regional location, generation, and much more.

Help Push Insightfulness

Tap into creating content that helps people realize something about themselves or confirms a flattering trait, is more shareable. These types of insights make your content more shareable.

Embrace the Humblebrag

Pointing out something about a company or organization that you are proud of, or something that you feel is impressive, can create some good shareable content. It’s called the “Humblebrag”, which is actually pretty popular now. Just make sure that the bragging isn’t too obvious.

Keep it Topical

Most of the successful ads that go viral take advantage of current trends and events. I’m sure everyone remembers the recent “mannequin challenge.” Companies that are up to date on current events can take advantage of the latest viral trends if they jump in fast enough.

Create Pleasure

Make and create something catchy, something fun with your ads or videos to increase their shareability. Take advantage of small things that create a lot of happiness, cute puppies and such.

Creative Collaboration

Participate with your community and people around you. People love seeing organizations coming together using each other’s strengths to create better content and products. Collaborating may help your ads be more shareable.

Quality, Quality, Quality

When things look good, they get noticed. Don’t skimp on the quality of your content. People recognize quality and expect content to be creative and impressive. Take the time to create great content as it will pay off in the end.

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