How To Create Content For Other Sites

Another source of income for bloggers is creating content for others to post on their sites or in other words sell your blogging services as a freelance blogger.

So how do you start building a lucrative business as a paid blogger?

  1. Start your own Blog to display your own content and build an audience.
  2. Promote your blog through social media to build a following and show that you’re active in the community.
  3. Educate yourself about how to write and present better than the average blog post.

You’ll need to learn to write strong, professionally linked, well formatted and researched short blogs. If you ever find yourself struggling for ideas read about Overcoming Bloggers Block to find inspiration and generate ideas.

Technical Side Of Blogging

You’ll also need to know as much about the technical side of blogging as you can.

Do you know:

  • About SEO?
  • How to link out?
  • Write search-friendly titles?
  • Focus on keywords
  • Understanding basic HTML coding?
  • Simple formatting, (subheads, bold type, and italics)

Become a Reputable Blogger in the Blog Community

As a way to increase your chances of becoming accepted as a paid blogger, you’ll want to get some recognition from the client first. Take some time to comment on their latest posts and share on Twitter referencing the company’s Twitter name ie. @companyname. This way, when it’s time for you to pitch to them, you have already started to build a relationship.

Pitching and Writing Tips

  • Read and stick to the Guidelines, if any.
  • Personalize Your Email and know who you’re emailing by name.
  • Explain Who Are You.
  • Explain Why You Should Be a Paid Blogger.
  • Format Posts Like the Ones on their Site.
  • Include their Internal and Source Links.
  • Include a Call to Action, requesting Comments.

If you want to become a regular writer for a company, make sure to promote your post to your own audience. You’ll increase traffic to the post and further expose the company, also make sure you reply to any comments. That will also build authority in your industry.

Tracking Results

The goal for companies paying you to write will most likely be to build traffic, but you should also want to measure your results. To do this you can create an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics.  This will help you determine if you’re paid blogging strategy is successful in terms of generating traffic.

Where To Start

Here are a handful of websites you can get started with and pitch to, and there are more out there. Research the companies. Read their posts to get an idea of their audience and blog styles and then read through the guidelines carefully to see if they could be a match for you.

The next step is to, pitch yourself as a blogger to high-traffic sites and try to get a spot as a regular, paid blogger. Once you’ve taken the steps to get yourself out there as a paid blogger and your content is being well received, other clients who are looking to source professional bloggers will begin to find you. Make sure to research what audience they are trying to reach so that you can write specifically for them. Eventually, you should be able to build and grow a stable of blogging clients.

This isn’t the easiest way to generate an income from blogging. There is definitely a lot of work involved, but it will definitely be worth it. It’s a good way to supplement your income, build a name for yourself and drive traffic back to you.

Good luck. Let us know how you do and if you feel like this information was helpful.

How To Create Content For Other Sites

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