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A blog is one of the most important digital marketing strategies you can have. It helps with SEO, gives your potential customers and clients important information, helps educate new customers and clients, and is also a  great platform to talk about what you do and how you do it.

Undoubtedly you spend quite a lot of your time developing  and curating the content for your blog. You come up with ideas, then write the content, optimize it for your website, and much more. After it’s written, you really want to make sure that people actually read it.

One of the best ways to get your blog content out there in your marketplace, is to post it on your social media channels. Facebook is an especially powerful tool for posting your blog content and having people read and share it, as well as Instagram, Pinterest and perhaps even, LinkedIn.

There are a number of clever tactics that you can use to your advantage when you post your blog content on Facebook. Here are the ones that work the best:

Share your blog on Facebook

First thing first. You should share your blog on your corporate (business) Facebook account fairly soon after publishing it on your website. This makes sure that the content is timely and lets people know that you’ve published a new blog.

As an added bonus, sharing your blog on Facebook is completely free and it has the enormous potential to spread far and wide. You must encourage people to share it with their friends and business associates. The more people that see your blog post on Facebook, the better.

Boost the blog post on Facebook

 Using Facebook’s boosting options is a great way to get your blog content to the right people in your niche. When you boost a post, you can choose who it goes to and can see how many people it can reach within your selected daily budget.

You can choose to pay per click, per 1000 impressions, or per engagement, which can allow you to customize your boosted blog post to create the action and reaction you want from your readers. Boosted posts not only help ensure that your current customers and clients see your new blog content, they  also help new people see your blog and learn about what you do. What niche (category), you are an expert in.

Use great headlines

 When you post a blog on Facebook, the headline will be one of the very first things people see. Almost 80% of people never even make it past the headline. So, you really need to have a powerful headline that encourages people to click into and read the whole blog post.

Keep the headlines short and to the point. It needs to get and keep their attention. Tell readers exactly what they should expect to get out of the blog. Any important or eye-catching numbers or facts,can be great to incorporate into the headline.

Imaging matters

 When you publish a blog post on Facebook, it is important to have an eye-catching image to make the link stand out in the news feed. Stock images are okay, but your own images that you take or create are better.

Whatever you choose to use, make sure all the images are high-contrast and colorful. That helps them pop up and stay noticed in the hectic and crowded space of someone’s Facebook newsfeed.

Write top-notch copy

 While there are some tricks and tactics that can help your blog get attention on Facebook, nothing can beat solid and well written, engaging copy. You can have the best headline and images, but people still may not click on your blog post because of your weak or uninspiring Facebook ad or post copy.

The 140 or so characters that you write to describe the blog post in your Facebook post or Facebook ad are incredibly important to get people to read your blog. Make your copy stand out.

Use testimonials, ask questions, give solutions to common problems. Use a clear call to action. Appeal to people’s emotions. You need to capture people’s attention with your copy to get them to read your blog.


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