Bridal Shower Bliss And Where To Pick Up Last Minute Gifts

Yesterday my baby girl and I got to spend a quality day together at a friend’s Bridal Shower for brunch. It was a calm, relaxing special day. I didn’t think about the boys really much at all.

Before I left my hectic house, I had to ask my husband at the last minute, if you’re supposed to take a gift to a Bridal Shower. I am no expert and I can’t recall ever actually attending a Bridal Shower before. So, of course, we were both oblivious to Bridal Shower etiquette and I had to Google it. Yes, you bring a gift.

I quickly swung past Burke Williams and picked up a gift voucher. I’ve never actually been, but have heard lots of my local mommy friends rave about the place.

Initially, I was planning on leaving my baby girl at home but decided last minute that I really couldn’t leave her. She is a mommy’s girl and gets very upset in anybody else’s arms right now, even daddy.

The bride to be’s mother lives just up the road from us in The Valley. It was a beautiful home, with open floor plan and when I walked in I was in total awe. The place had been set up immaculately and looked very professional.

I am the groom’s best friend’s and (best man’s) wife, so we are all good friends. But we also don’t get to hang out too much especially since having our three kids. Therefore I really didn’t know many of the bride’s friends. It really didn’t matter, everyone was so friendly that I spent almost the entire day chatting to different people. It’s easy to start a conversation with a lady that’s holding a baby.

As we walked in we were given the first game of the day. A list of traits that we had to find in the guests at the party, and preferably no duplicate people to be added to our list. This forced you to talk to people you didn’t know throughout much of the event.

Before long the food started coming out. It was professionally catered for and very, very well done.

I learned quickly afterward that I didn’t take enough photos and that I need to invest in a camera and focus more on taking photos. I tried to hand the baby girl over to a few of the lovely mommy’s there, but she was not having it and at 3 months she has me wrapped around her gorgeous little finger. I spent the entire day holding her, but I was thankful just to have that special day with my beautiful girl.

10 Local Places To Find Last Minute Gifts 

  1. I went with a Burke Williams Gift Voucher. It’s known for it Luxury Spa Services. How could you go wrong???
  2. DAVIDsTEA sells everything Tea, Tea Bags, Tea Pots… you name it in Teas and they probably have it. They offer loose-leaf teas and ingredients with the best spices, fruits, nuts, and herbs from every corner of the world. Plus their shop smells so good, it’s hard to walk past.
  3. Skin Laundry offers 15-Minute Laser & Light Facial that instantly deep cleans your skin by vaporizing dirt, makeup, and bacteria from your pores, leaving your skin clearer, tighter, and brighter with no downtime. What Bride to Be wouldn’t want a refresher before the big day?
  4. Total Wine & More is America’s wine, spirits, and beer superstore, with an unparalleled selection of 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits, and 2,500 beers. I’m sure you’ll find that extra special bottle for such an occasion.
  5. D.J. Luxe is a gorgeous little mobile fashion truck showcasing “one of a kind” pieces from local and emerging designers. You’re bound to find something special there.
  6. Rain Created For Living creates handmade bath and body products and handcrafted homewares using natural ingredients with African origins. Rain products are responsibly homemade with love & care. I’m sure you’ll find something appropriate there.
  7. Z Gallerie is a unique lifestyle retailer. They offer a variety of high-quality, reasonably priced merchandise for the home, including furniture, artwork, lighting, tabletop items, textiles and decorative accessories from around the world. A perfect spot to find a household gift for the Bride.
  8. Crate & Barrell are renowned for classic style and sophisticated design, they have everything to transform any brides home into an exceptional home.

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