5 Excuses You Should Not Let Your Kids Use For Missing Senior Prom

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My son has about six weeks of his senior year left before he graduates. He has not participated in any of the school dances in the last four years even though we have encouraged him to do so, he always has an excuse as to why he can’t or won’t go.

At the start of the school year parents were encouraged to buy the graduation packages. The one we purchased cost about $500 and included key rings, senior breakfast, senior t-shirt and sweater, a single prom ticket, after party, graduation gown, graduating at the Hollywood Bowl and more. So here we are counting down the final three weeks before prom.

He came to me yesterday to let me know we needed to arrange a suit or tuxedo. So straight away I jumped onto Amazon. Gone are the days you need to hire tuxedos or go to expensive suit stores. You can find them as cheap as chips online and the one we selected had a next day delivery for free, plus a return policy. I wanted to jump on top of it straight away in case the tux didn’t fit, so we still had time to return and order another one, or to have this one taken in if needed. For under $100 we picked up a 5 piece Tuxedo. New Mens 5 Piece (5pc) Complete Single Breasted Black Tuxedo Suit

In the past, we have heard all kinds of excuses as to why he didn’t want to go to any of the school dances. Well, no more excuses. This is his last chance to ever experience a high school dance. And not just any high school dance. It’s the last dance.

So give up telling your parents these five excuses and get your butt into gear and go. And parent’s encourage your kids to go, but to go for the right reasons.

1. I can’t afford it.

There are so many ways to cut back on the money when it comes to prom. Cut out the extras they are not necessary and most likely go unnoticed: no one notices if your jewelry is $5 or $500, if your nails were painted at home, or your dress shoes are a pair you already own. Initially, we thought to hire a tuxedo, as this is what used to be done to cut costs. But these days you can get amazing deals with free return and overnight shipping on Amazon. The girls also have cheaper but nice options. After all this is not your wedding, it’s a school dance.

You may even be able to talk to your school about reducing ticket prices if that’s really an issue.

2. I don’t have a date.

This is seriously ridiculous! Prom is not about having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Think about what schools would encourage a teenager to be in a relationship? What schools really want for you, is for you to succeed in your education and be accepted to higher education. This is what makes a school successful. Prom is about making memories with your class. Go with some friends and you’ll have way more fun than being with someone you need to entertain the whole night.

3. I can’t dance.

Prom is so much more than just dancing; it’s about getting dressed up, it’s the food, great conversation, and music.

How many of your school friends can really dance anyway? Just jump around to the beat of the music, I bet everyone else is too.  Stick with your friends or find plenty of other people who hate dancing too and hang out with them.

4. Prom is stupid.

If it was stupid it wouldn’t exist. If it was stupid, no one would go. Prom is a tradition and most of your friends want to be a part of this last hooray. It’s nice to get all dressed up with all of your friends, hang out and eat food and dance. It may be the most memorable experience of your high school career.

5. I won’t regret missing it.

You will, you will, you will, even if you tell yourself over and over that you won’t. You’ll regret it when you see all the photos on social media or when it’s the only thing to talk about in those last few weeks of school.

It’s special and fun and made to make memories that might make those high school years seem worth it. It’s up to you to make it enjoyable, to participate and have a good time. So start calling around now, make some plans.



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